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I have the Zyxel NWA50AX access point running in AP mode.  I'm a homeowner with very limited networking experience, so I haven't messed with any of the default features.  That said, my laptop has connected without any issue to the AP, but my Android phone (running Android 13) continually shows "Connected - No Internet."

I've spent quite a while trying to find what may be going on with no luck.  Any advice as to what may be going on or how to diagnose would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @sjweiss ,

    Can you help me to check that your NWA50AX is in the latest firmware? If not, please help me to upgrade it to the latest firmware, we have fixed some connection problems on the latest firmware.

    As we would like to try to replicate your problem, please provide your Android device details information, like device brand, model, and device version (different from android version). Besides, if your AP is actually online on Nebula CC, please provide your organization/site name and enable Zyxel Support at Help > Support request, so we can access your organization to check the device log for you.

    Thanks for your help!