Zyxel Helps Commercial Toyota in India Make Their Network Fast and Secure

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Commercial Toyota, Bareilly

“We’re pleased to work with Zyxel to complete our new infrastructure, and satisfied with its products and services which have met all our requirements. From network security to smooth wireless experience, Zyxel managed to deliver it all to our premises.”

Abdul Hafeez
EDP Manager, Commercial Toyota  
Commercial Toyota in India was looking for the best-of-its-kind network solution when building their new network infrastructure. They required a solution consisting of a firewall that can secure their internal resources, a core switch to segregate departments, and a fast and uninterrupted wireless network to ensure smooth daily operations. The investment should be able to provide longevity and scalability while not exceeding the budget limitations. The company’s system integrator AK Computers suggested using Zyxel’s firewall, core switch, PoE switch, and wireless access points as they could meet all the project’s requirements. The USG40 firewall offers protection of internal resources from cyber threats and acts as a DHCP server to provide IP addresses to end clients easily and securely. The XGS4600-32 L3 Aggregation Switch was deployed as the core switch to connect and isolate different departments with VLANs to secure network connections and efficiently use bandwidth. Lastly, NWA110AX WiFi 6 APs were deployed to provide a fast and smooth wireless experience and powered up by the GS1920-8HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch to ensure a stable network connection and power supply. Furthermore, Zyxel’s Nebula solution futureproofs the company’s network and makes network management a breeze. 

  • Frequent drops or intermittent wireless connections 
  • Lack of easy and centralized networking management of all devices 
  • The network infrastructure could not defend against cyberthreats

  • Fast and smooth wireless experience 
  • Advanced network protection from a wide range of cyberattacks 
  • The future-proof solution offers value for money

Products used
USG40 UTM Firewall
XGS4600-32 L3 Aggregation Switch
GS1920-8HPv2 Smart Managed PoE switch
NWA110AX WiFi6 Access Point Products

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