[2022 Issue 15] New and Thorough! USG FLEX Protection From Head to Toe!

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New and Thorough! USG FLEX Protection from Head to Toe!

The business world as of today is still contemplating the new reality of what a post-pandemic future might look like. Hybrid work models that allow employees to work from home or from other places outside of office are welcomed as a change by many companies worldwide. The benefits of the flexible arrangement are tremendous, but on the other hand it’s more likely that users log in from public or home Wi-Fi, casting new challenges on your network like increasing your organization's vulnerability to security threats, such as ransomware, phishing and e-mail fraud, malwares, data breach, etc. Security may now seem more challenging than ever for you, that’s why we are hoping to help you understand security risks stemming from hybrid work environments and what security technologies your companies can adopt to stay safe.

No more worries! USG FLEX, newly empowered by Gold Security Pack license options, is coming stronger now by the capability to add another two layers of security to protect your business fortress. Gold Security Pack not only unleashes Sandboxing service against everything unknown but also Reputation Filter service to block malicious botnets.

Why is Sandboxing so powerful and helpful? Long story short, a sandbox is an isolated environment on a network that mimics end-user operating environments. Sandboxes are used to safely execute suspicious programs without risking harm to your host device or network, providing another layer of protection against unknown threats, so called zero-day, meaning previously unseen malware attacks.

 Meanwhile, Reputation Filter service aggregates malicious source IP, domain, and URL data from best-in-breed and up-to-date Zyxel cloud intelligence and scrutinizes your network traffic at all times, preventing connections from hostile or compromised sources therefore keeping your network safe from botnets and zombie networks.

Stay tuned. That is not the end of USG FLEX new security offerings, not just yet. Another nice feature also newly on plate for you is Firmware Integrity. It restlessly runs auto fingerprint matching on device firmware to ensure it is original and untampered. Your device health is consistently checked and assured. Now you can sleep tighter at night as your device firmware is as safe as gold bricks in a vault.

Apart from our hearty USG FLEX offerings listed above, there’s also another icing on the cake for ATP series. ATP now comes with new license Auto Renewal options. Relax and enjoy seamless protection!