MAC DA to aggregate switch to modem?

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My modem has 2 lan ports, I want to connect it to my switch.  I also want a router on one VLAN and a server on another VLAN.   What are the correct  settings for the aggregate between the switch and the modem?

If I enable the DHCP Client will that take care of connecting to the ISP or do I need to do something else?

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    Hi @Syur,

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    Could you share which switch model are you using? Also, could you provide the topology of how will you connect your device so I can better suggest you the configuration?

    About the DHCP client, it is used to control the switch management IP address using a static IP address or a DHCP IP address. The connection between your clients and the ISP/Internet depends on your modem. The switch only forwards the traffic but not routing.

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