Zyxel Helps Indian School Enhance Student Learning Experience

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Gopal Sharma Group of Schools

“We are happy and satisfied with what Zyxel has offered with their solution. From reliable and fast wireless performance to securing our internal resources, Zyxel has done it all for us. Our students are getting a better digital learning experience and managing the wireless infrastructure saves a lot of time and hassle for our IT people.”

Niharika D'Silva
Chief Operating Officer
Gopal Sharma Group of Schools
The school management wants to build a new network infrastructure as they were not satisfied with the existing one. There were issues like network disruption, low latency, and frequent wireless disconnection. Besides handling those issues and providing a better learning experience to their students, the investment should be able to provide longevity and scalability while not exceeding the budget limitations when it comes to upgrading the wired and wireless networks. Management decided to go with Zyxel’s solution which met all the requirements.
Zyxel deployed the top-notch wireless access points, network switches, and ATP firewall on the school premises to help the school overcome the issues. Compared to the existing solution that they were using, Zyxel provided a cost-effective, long-lasting, value-for-money solution. Zyxel’s NWA1123ACv3 APs offer a smooth wireless transition to their existing wireless Infrastructure. Zyxel’s Nebula Control Center provides the school’s IT department with central, single-point monitoring and management of all Zyxel’s access points. GS1920-8HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switches were used for wired connections and to power up the access points. Lastly, ATP500 Firewall reduces the stress for network administrators as it helps block unknown attacks and unauthorized applications.

  • Frequent drops or intermittent wireless connections 
  • Lack of easy and centralized networking management of all devices 
  • The network infrastructure could not defend against cyberthreats

  • Easy, reliable, and centralized managed wireless network 
  • Optimized WiFi gives students a better digital learning experience 
  • Protection from a variety of network attacks and unauthorized applications

Products used
ATP500 ATP Firewall
GS1920-8HPv2/24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch
NWA1123ACv3 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point

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