Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series & VPN Series - V5.32 Firmware Release

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Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series & VPN Series Release Note Oct, 2022

Firmware Version on all models

USG FLEX 50V5.32(ABAQ.0)ATP100V5.32(ABPS.0)VPN50V5.32(ABHL.0)
USG FLEX 50WV5.32(ABAR.0)ATP100WV5.32(ABRW.0)VPN100V5.32(ABFV.0)
USG FLEX 100V5.32(ABUH.0)ATP200V5.32(ABFW.0)VPN300V5.32(ABFC.0)
USG FLEX 100WV5.32(ABWC.0)ATP500V5.32(ABFU.0)VPN1000V5.32(ABIP.0)
USG FLEX 200V5.32(ABUI.0)ATP700V5.32(ABTJ.0)
USG FLEX 500V5.32(ABUJ.0)ATP800V5.32(ABIQ.0)
USG FLEX 700V5.32(ABWD.0)

New Feature and Enhancements

CLD=Cloud mode, STD=Standalone mode
No.EnhancementCLD  STD  
1.USG FLEX support DNS Threat Filter, IP Reputation and Sandboxing with Gold Security Pack VV
2.Support System Protection and signature updateV
3.ZLD firmware integrityV
4.[eITS#200700296, 220700648] When DNS TTL of FQDN object for destination IP timeout, the video stream will lagV
5.[eITS#220701026] 2FA window should pop up before password change window pops upV
6.User Interface/Description change:
a. Refine SecuReporter Premium to standard license for consistency
b. Adjust SecuReporter banner in device GUI more user friendly
c. Update Note information in the bottom at Configuration service page
7.Change CDR Malware detected default occurrence value from 2 to 5V
8.In Hub and spoke VPN topology, the Hub VPN gateway will be a responder role during IKE negotiationV
9.Support DDNS peer address for non-Nebula Site2site VPNV
10.Live tool ping check support "Auto" interfaceV
11.Support TIML signature updateV
12.Support System Protection and signature updateV
13.[AP Controller] Update AP images V6.40(.6)V

Bug Fix

CLD=Cloud mode, STD=Standalone mode

No.     Bug FixCLD   STD   
1.     eITS#220101543
Fix: IKEv2 with pre-shared key on Samsung mobile phone (Android 12) cannot be connected.
2.     eITS#220600781
Fix: NAT forward to DMZ not working
3.     eITS#220601116
Fix: Multiple DH issue in IKEv2 connection
4.     eITS#200601255 / 220700030
Fix: After Device HA failover, clients in vlan subnet have no interface access
5.     eITS#220700735
Fix: Configuration in HTTPS Admin Service Control is not working.
6.     eITS#220700760
Fix: Specific object name causes device to roll back to lastgood configuration file.
7.     eITS#220700981
Fix: Second wan connection issue with wan trunk.
8.     eITS#220700986
Fix: Renaming object name causes object name display issue on web GUI
9.     eITS#220701020
Fix: SSL VPN client for macOS is not connected if HTTPS port and SSL VPN server port are not identical.
10.     eITS#220701048
Fix: Duplicate host name display issue on DHCP table
11.     eITS#220701078
Fix: URL threat filter signature is not updated to the latest version.
12.     eITS#220701082
Fix: 2FA authentication via mail is not working on AD users.
13.     eITS#220800169
Fix: DNS threat filter category query issue
14.     eITS#220800428
Fix: Schedule Backup doesn’t work with complex password
15.     eITS#220800881
Fix: SSL VPN is not connected with LDAP authentication
16.     eITS#220800994
Fix:  Device doesn't follow the schedule in Auto Update to update signature version.
17.     eITS#220801346
Fix: Unable to see Firewall’s event log and topology on nebula
18.     eITS#220900270
Fix: When invalid NAT rule is configured (port mapping type: ports, start port 1 and end port 65535), the browser pops up weird message.
19.     eITS#220900336
Fix: The command “debug system show conntrack” is not allowed.
20.     [Vulnerability Fix] Zyxel-SI-1430
Fix: XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability
21.     eITS#220700128
Fix: The static route on nebula firewall to the peer site Microsoft Azure is not working anymore once the peer site Microsoft Azure VPN disconnects.

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.