Rancid or oxidized support for USG

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Does anyone Know if there is support for the Zyxel USG's for Rancid or Oxidized. I was unable to connecct with them to the Zyxel USG's. Has anyone already tried connect them and was successful, if so can you share your config ? 

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  • Ian31
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    An interesting tools.

    I just test rancid and works for the first part of clogin.
    It can auto login to USG and run CLI commands in a script file.
    # clogin -f .cloginrc -x myscriptfile.txt
    With cron job then I can schedule an automatic configuration change task. 
    About the configuration backup and differ part.
    It need to modify the "rancid" Perl script to support zyxel USG device. 
    That's a little bit above me that didn't learn Perl script.
  • Ian31
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    Here comes the modified rancid script I test with rancid 2.3.8 on my raspberry pi3.
    Replace "rancid-fe" and  add "zldrancid" into /var/lib/rancid/bin directory.
    Enjoy !

    I just test with the basic configuration backup to CVS repository.
    The filter function of password, snmp,etc. might not work.
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    Rancid 2.3.8 is very old. Do you have a newer Version of it. Also  Oxidized would be very interesting.

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