Zyxel Secures Sensitive Data in Polish Medical Facility

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 Dementia Center in Ścinawa

“Medical facilities manage a large amount of personal and medical data, so the priority is to provide them with an appropriate level of security. At System-3, we’ve been implementing the latest IT technologies with the use of leading network solutions for 18 years now. When designing the IT infrastructure for the center, we knew using Zyxel’s secure network solutions would provide the highest level of protection.”

Grzegorz Olejiczny
CEO, System-3 Sp. z o. o

Healthcare facilities require comprehensive network infrastructure to provide patients with high-quality services while protecting their sensitive data. For the Dementia Center in Ścinawa, delivering on these demands required fast, trouble-free internet on an easy-to-manage network that could also coordinate the operations of its various departments and offices. Working with its system integration partner System-3, the customer devised a high-speed, fiber-based network while ensuring maximum security of patient data. This posed a particular challenge, given the center’s lack of existing cabling to connect the whole IT infrastructure. But by leveraging Zyxel solutions, it could be easily overcome. A star topology cabling setup was used, as it offers easy diagnostics, simple maintenance, and a low probability of failure. Meanwhile, the backbone of the network comprised 10-Gigabit fiber optic infrastructure, with Zyxel XGS1930 multi-gigabit switches providing connectivity. The use of 10G uplink SFP+ ports also ensured high speeds and bandwidth between all connected devices. Next, NWA5123 series dual-radio access points were deployed. With a high-performance antenna module, premium power amplifiers, and low-noise design elements, the AP delivers excellent wireless performance with speeds of up to 1.6 Gbps. Finally came the Zyxel ATP700 firewall, leveraging cloud intelligence to fend off advanced threats and cyberattacks. With the new network in place, the center has newfound peace of mind – with no concerns about connectivity and with confidence that sensitive data is safe. 

  • Modernize the existing infrastructure to deliver a high-bandwidth network 
  • Ensure maximum security of patient data 
  • Utilize efficient IT equipment able to coordinate the activities of different departments and offices

  • Fast and trouble-free wireless throughout the facility 
  • Network’s reliability optimizes the treatment processes 
  • New infrastructure delivers high scalability, business continuity, and data security

Products used
ATP700 ATP Firewall
XGS1930-52HP Smart Managed PoE Switch
NWA5123-AC HD 802.11ac Access Point Products used

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