My NWA50AX keeps going on/off

I have two nwa50ax APs in my house. They are both connected using PoE. They come online for a minute and then drop back off, flashing orange/green. 
I have changed the SSID and disconnected the guest network from the NCC. However in the short time it is online it has not updated the SSID or disabled the guest SSID. 
I have absolutely no clue what is wrong. It has worked fine for the past couple of month and then his has started. 
Can anyone recommend action to deal with this?

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    Sorry for the inconvenience and bringing you bad experience.
    To void service impact, we have rolled back the firmware to the stable version (6.25P10) for you, please help us to check if the issue still occurs.
    At the same time, we're looking into this cautiously to check if there is a firmware problem of version 6.29P0.
    Thank you.