How Do I Know Where to place my AP and How many do I need?

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How Do I Know Where to place my AP and How many do I need?

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    We recommend that you can deploy one indoor AP every 15 meters indoors, and one outdoor AP every 50 meters outdoors.
    After deployment you can take a device to test the signal, and then adjusting the deployment or add new AP.
    For the Wi-Fi quality, we also recommend that the number of people isn’t over 25, for example your location is a conference room and it can accommodate 100 people. You have to consider that your people deployment and install the one AP per 25 people.
    If your location is hotel, we recommend the small room has one AP. Big room can has multiple AP and deploy the place which the customer usually stay like living room or bedroom.
    And the actual deployment is still according to the environment and user usage traffic.
    So, you can also provide relevant building layout drawings and share your situation, let us make further suggestions.