SecuExtender SSL VPN Client- software (macOS) 1.2.5 has been released!

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SecuExtender SSL VPN Client (macOS) version 1.2.5

Modifications in 1.2.5 - Oct/12/2022
Modification for:
1. Support for macOS 13 (Ventura)
System Requirements:
1. macOS 10.15 or later


  • Baymax7
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    sorry, but there is a problem: when I try to start the program after a restart, it appears this message: ZyWALL SecuExtender was unable to connect to its helper tool and must now quit. Please ensure that ZyWALL SecuExtender has been correctly installed and isn't being blocked by any network security software, and then reopen ZyWALL SecuExtender to try again.
    and ZyWall doesn't open and it doesn't work. Are there any solutions? 
  • WJS
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    Have you tried to re-install the vpn client ? 
  • AlexandreSilva
    Hi there. Just have same problem mac os monterey 12.5.1, was working on secure extender SecuExtender VPN Client_SSL_VPN_Client_1.2.4 until some weeks ago. No configuration have changed. Firewall version USG Flex 200 firmware 5.32. The client complains that configuration add, "10444" but no problem with that. Re-Instaled app, already registed and manual connection without save password, certificate popsup and after that ways user/pass fails.
    How can be fixed?
  • AlexandreSilva
    Update, problem was solved with WEEK 41 firmware version 532ABUI0ITS-22WK41-r105761 in my case for the USG Flex 200. Thanks Zyxel for week firmware!!!