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I only have one WAN from my ISP and the default trunk contains both ge1 & ge2. I was going to create my own WAN trunk with only ge1 included, but you still need to configure a load balancing protocol.

My concern is a loss of bandwidth I have been experiencing. I have ge2 shut down, but how can I create just one WAN port without a trunk? What is the best load balancing protocol to use if I only have one WAN line in? Or is it best to just use ge3 as my WAN and forgo the trunk altogether?

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    Hello @jayd691,
    Since you don't have another WAN interface that is active, you can ignore the other WAN interfaces in the default WAN trunk, all the Load Balancing Algorithm types will have the same effect. It's no need to create another WAN trunk with ge3.


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    Don't care about what the algorithm is for only one interface in the Trunk.

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