User Complains About Intermittent Wifi

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Are there any procedures or rules to resolve such problems?

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    Could you descript in more detail what the intermittent WiFi user said?
    We list two conditions about the intermittent WiFi
    Condition 1: Because the wifi signal is too poor, the wifi will disconnect/connect again and again. We suggest adjusting the user's ap deployment location / adding a new AP or increasing the radio power.
    Condition2: The AP's uplink port is down and up, which causes the user to feel that the network is unstable. We suggest the customer check whether the equipment like the switch and cable on the uplink is normal and quality is good.

    Please help us check what situation the user has. If you want us to do further analysis. Please PM us the customer org name /site name. And activate the Zyxel Support(Help>Support Request). Let us have the privilege to observe the customer setting and log.