Setting up the UAG4100 with SP350E printer

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Hello..  I have my own wifi system at a campground, that is currently supplied by Xplornet, routed through a G-4100..  This year I am having trouble, especially with the ability for androids to connect to, and open my login page, so I decided to upgrade..  I purchased an UAG4100, with the SP350E printer...  However, when I went to transfer over, I find the entire program to be not only completely different than the G or N 4100, but completely confusing too.. 
It says you can phone for help, but like most support systems, the technicians will talk to you, as if you are a black belt in computer programing..  I'm just not that savvy, when it comes to wifi jargon...
My current system has each user receive an authentication printout..  The three buttons on the printer are set for 1 day, 2 days, and 30 days..   ...From the Zyxel I have the three Lan plug-ins used to broadcast out into 3 different areas of my campground.. with the fourth used for the printer...  
I would sure appreciate any help-- in layman terms, to help me set this thing up.. ..  I have read the manual, and understand there's more to connecting the printer, than with the G4100...  I also need the bandwidth limiter, to control the speeds, given a finite amount of bandwidth per month..   Thanks for any help..  Jon

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    Hi @obiwan_pierogi

     You can follow the it to setup your UAG4100.

    (1)  Go to Configuration > Billing > General.

    Change the accounting method as “Accumulation” and also enable Keep user logged in.

    (2)  Go to Configuration > Billing > Billing Profile. Click add button to add billing profile.

    You can setup the price, bandwidth of quota for each users.

    (3)  After completely billing profile, you can apply the profile for each button on the printer.

    (4)  You must enable BWM function, the Bandwidth quota will working.

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