GS1200-8 vs. VLANs (OPNsense)

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Hi everyone, I am fighting with VLAN setup on GS-1200-8 switch. My setup is OPNsense router with VLANs defined and I would like to use GS-1200-8 port 1 as uplink from that router with all VLANs so I setup all VLANs in switch config as tagged on port 1 (including VLAN 1). I would like to use rest of the ports to be a members of specific assigned VLANs but as untagged ports so any device without VLAN knowledge will be able to use it and I thought that this can be done on this switch but it is not working for me. Can you help me please to setup?

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    nvm... I forgot to setup PVID :) strange config interface... 
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    I have the same setup & i'm a newbie to this setup. can you please share a step-by-step tutorial as to how to set this up?

    this is what i did

    1. set a VLAN on OPNSense on interface em1 as Parent (my LAN Interface which is on VLAN ID 1 & also has 192.168.11.x IP Range) with a VLAN Tag of 10
    2. Enabled the Interface and gave it a static IP and set up DHCP from 100-200
    3. In Firewall Rules I enabled all traffic 

    IPv4*           *       *           *          *       *            *  

    Now on my GS-1900 

    Port 2 is connected to the em1 Interface from OPNSense

    Now this is where i messed up stuff and ended up borking my network and had to reset the switch. Any help in setting up further will be really appreciated