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i've been assigned a segment of 1234:1234:1234:18::/64 for my server in the datacenter. i tried to follow various howto's now but did not succeed up to now to get traffic OVER the zyxel (from WAN to LAN and vice versa).

my configuration currently is:

Enable SLAAC (but disabling does not affect the stiation)
IPv6 Address: 1234:1234:1234:18::4/64
Gateway: 1234:1234:1234:18::1
Metric: 0

Disabled SLAAC
IPv6 Address: 1234:1234:1234:18:1::1/80
Enable Router Advertisement
Advertise Prefix Table: 1234:1234:1234:18::/64

and i have a server connected to LAN1 with the address 1234:1234:1234:18:1::101

from outside i can successfully ping WAN2, but not LAN1 nor the server
from the server i can ping LAN1 but not WAN2 nor google
from the zyxel i can ping google via WAN2 and the server on LAN1

so it seems that the connection is fine, but i cannot get traffic THROUGH the zyxel. am i missing routes or policy controls?!?!?!?


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    Hi @hkrebs,
    Please kindly try to capture packets and filter ipv6 protocol on WAN2 and LAN1. 
    Also please share your configuration and packets files by Private meassage .
    Thank you

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