I have UniFi switches for all my main network but i have a issue adding the CCTV Lan to my Zyxel.

Port 48 is a trunk port and my CCTV and lan is carried from my UniFi switch over to port 48 I would like port5 on the Zyxel as for my CCTV vlan only. Port 5 is untagged and port 48 is tagged for VLAN4 and 48 is a trunk port. I have excluded all other ports from VLAN4 except ports 5 and 48.

But I cannot get my any connectivity on port 5 for my CCTV range. My PVID matches my vlan id from UniFi please can anyone assist on the what i am missing.

This is only a test device before we go live with the it in a production area.

Thanks for everyone's input.

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    I assume the connection has failed between the same Vlan or cross Vlan, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    And may I know if it's possible to access to Zyxel switch or Ubiquiti sw via VLAN4?
    Please collect tech support file and private message me, thanks.