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Hi guys!

Does please anybody facing the issue with ZyWALL SecuExtender, that time to time is not possible to start/connect into SSL VPN again? 

Or after disconnecting is unable to start (usually happens after closing the MAC laptop)?

Usually we need to turn off the wifi, or kill the process, or turn of the network interface, or reboot device (MAC/Win).

Would be nice to hear some workaround! 



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    Hi @pista

    There is no problem to reestablishing SSL VPN again after closing the laptop.

    But as you mentioned if you turn off/on wifi or kill process or reboot the PC, the symptom will gone.

    So it may related to setting on Mac or routing stability on Mac..


    Here is my test scenario:

    (1)  Mac connect SSL VPN tunnel.(not disconnect)

    (2)  Closing laptop. (Mac goes to sleep)

    (3)  Open laptop. (there is a message shows SecuExtender is disconnected)

    (4)  Click “connect” button, the tunnel is established again.

    Here is energy saver setting on my Mac for your reference.

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