VLan on my ZyWall 110 hands out ips to Wireless but not wired?

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What am I missing, I can get my wireless clients to get an ip address from the vlan's dhcp server but can not get the wired clients to pick up an ip address.  I am sure it is something simple but not sure how to proceed.

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    Hi @Vance

    The VLAN interface will always tag-out the traffic. AP will help to untag out the traffic, so client will able receive the traffic from VLAN interface.

    Do you have a switch un-tagout traffic for your wired client?

    e.g. Topology:

    USG(VLAN10, tagout)--------(VLAN10, tagout)Switch(VLAN10, untagout, PVID 10)--------Client.

    Share yours now! https://bit.ly/4aO0BMF


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