Can't access my Mac via LAN from another computer by host name .local

I have a mac with local host name. Let's say MACBOOK-pro-Name.local. It pings fine from the MAC itself. I also have a static LAN ip Address on this MAC like

I need to connect to a webserver on my mac from a PC in the same LAN. But PC just cannot even ping the mac by its host name. To make sure it's not a router that block the connection I tried to ping the mac from the PC by its direct LAN address and it pinged just fine.

The simplest solution is to just use the LAN address but I want to find out why I can't access the mac by its hostname. Is this possible without changing the router settings? If not, what is the host name good for at all? p.s. I tried to google a lot before asking this

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    Which is Zyxel Wireless issue? I can't understand how, I'm sorry.
  • mMontana said:
    Which is Zyxel Wireless issue? I can't understand how, I'm sorry.
    I think I explain all the issue i'm facing but not know why you not understand ?
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    Hi @apklub


    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Thanks for your detailed description for us to know your application.

    Could you provide the access point model name and running firmware version information?

    We’ll clarify the mechanism then update you afterwards.

    Thank you