What is the procedure to configure SBG3300 for WOL (Wake on LAN)?

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The User A wants to use WOL (Wake on LAN) feature to awake the Target PC from Port: 8080 at SBG3300 WAN side.

To meet this requirement, SBG3300 should add NAT rule & Static ARP for the target PC. What is the procedure to configure SBG3300 for this purpose?


Step 1: Go to Network Setting > NAT > Port Forwarding > Click Add new rule button

Step 2: Select Active checkbox > Enter the Service Name e.g. WOL > Select WAN Interface e.g. ETHWAN > Enter the Start/End Port 8080 and Translation Start/End Port 8080 > Enter the Server IP Address > Select Protocol TCP.(The port number should be the same as your servicing port)

Step 3: Go to System Monitor > ARP Table > Check the Target PC MAC address

Step 4: Telnet to SBG3300 > Enter the CLI command “sh” > Enter the CLI command “arp –s IP MAC


Even the target PC power off for a long time, the User A can use WOL feature to awake the target PC from SBG3300 WAN side.