Feature request: Fan control of XGS1250

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User @Frantik85 proposes that 
  • It's good to have an option/button to activate the fan.
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V2.00 patch 0 firmware supports this function. However, this function requires new hardware revision due to current hardware limitations.


  • MarkoN
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    Please make it optional. Switch usually gets really hot and the fan is not even active. I would like to keep the fan always active.

  • tonynca
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    yeah I noticed mine getting pretty hot too. I would prefer to have it on as well.

  • I assume this is a bit too late, but this feature would not only allow to control the fan, but it would also allow to test the fan.

    I had an xgs1250 with a 'broken fan' (it was never working) and I cannot test this on my new xgs1250 because there is no way to activate it.

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    Hi @robertogl and all,

    Thank you for your inquiry about the XGS1250's fan functionality. I'd like to confirm that the fan is indeed temperature-controlled and activates only when reaching a predetermined temperature. We have thoroughly reviewed the possibility of enabling fan control through a firmware upgrade but, due to hardware limitations, found it unfeasible. Understanding the importance of this feature, we are excited to announce that we are working on releasing a new hardware revision that will include fan control capabilities.

    Zyxel Melen

  • Thanks for the update!

    A bit unfortunate that an hardware change is needed, as existing customer will not be able to use this…