[ATP/FLEX] How to route all traffic to IPSec peer gateway

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When site to site VPN is configured between Nebula Firewall and the peer gateway, we can use policy routes to force the subnet of Nebula Firewall to access the Internet via the WAN connection of the peer gateway. The article instructs how to configure a policy route on each device to route all traffic to the peer gateway. In this example, we use Zyxel Firewall (on-premises mode) as the peer gateway.

Before Begin

You need to know how to set up site to site VPN in Nebula.

How to establish Site-to-Site IPsec VPN between Nebula and non-Nebula devices

Nebula Firewall

1. Configure > Firewall > Site-to-Site VPN

Set the Private subnet of the peer gateway. In this example, is used for connectivity check.

2. Configure > Firewall > Routing

Click +Add to create a new routing.

Source: intranet, Destination: Any, Next-Hop: VPN NAME

Peer Gateway

1. In Local Policy, you have to fill in

2.In order to access internet, you have to do Source NAT to translate to the WAN interface.

Test Result

You will see source have been NAT and routed to internet via the peer gateway.