NWA50AX access point usually turns off

Hello there,
I have one AP connected directly by cable with router at home and it started to turns off once for few days. Now it turns off at least one a day on various hours - not connected with any internet activities.
Can't provide nice diagram but it turns offline and turns on again after I switch it off the energy and back.
Has anyone a clue what I could check and fix? Internet connection on cable from router and wifi provided by provider are online non stop working.

Thanks for help,

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    Hi @Zafirus


    For more clearly identify your problem, we would like you to provide more details with your AP, may you please provide your device powered type (PoE or power adapter) and AP firmware version.  


    Other than that, we would also like to know the behavior of your AP, please provide the time and event log before your AP get turning off. If your AP is on standalone mode, please login to your local GUI and take a screenshot on your event log at Maintenance >> Log. Else if it is on cloud mode, please enable Zyxel support at Nebula CC >> Help center > Support Request and provide us your org/site name.