NWA50AX IP range assignmnet

Dear all,

Anyone knows if there's a way to define the IP address range that the NWA50AX will use to assing to its clients?

Haven't been able to find it on the interface, as I did on other devices.

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    As NWA50AX is an AP, it doesn’t like the DHCP server will assign AP for its clients. For IP assignment, the AP clients will make request with the  DHCP server(ex: router/gateway) in your network.  


    To make a difference IP range assignment, you may tag your SSID with VLAN ID at Nebula CC >> SSID advanced settings >> Advanced settings >> VLAN ID, and create the VLAN interface at your router/gateway for assigning IP for certain VLAN.  

    Besides, if there is any switches between your AP and gateway, don’t forget to allow the traffic for the VLAN.