Big traffic made through NAT freezes ZyWALL USG 200

Hi all!
First of all I what to thank you all for this large community! It Helped me a lot these days to understand how Zywall USG 200 works.

Here's my situation:
internet cable is connected to WAN1 and I'm connecting to internet using a PPPOE connection.
PPPOE external IP is named EXTERNAL_IP
my local FTP server is called SERVER_DEV
And I made a NAT in order  to access the local FTP SERVER from wan.

In the firewall section I have created a policy in order to be able to access the local FTP only from a specific IP Address under the name GALAXY_SERVER.

the problem is that every time I want to transfer some backups archives (size ~10Gb) to the FTP server after a few seconds the firewall stops responding or rarely is rebooting.
I've changed the adaptor(in the idea that the adaptor may not work properly) and the restarts have stopped(I think) but the firewall keeps freezing.
And while does that I cannot access it by ssh, gui, ping, etc...and neither the logs are kept.

I'm a doing something wrong ?


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