USG Limitation of DHCP6 DUID of 41 characters! - any clues?

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Hi USG-philes and Zyxel-lads...., can't configure Ubuntu18 Desktop IPV6 DHCP6 DUID longer than 41 characters into USG60/40 at firmware V4.32( 2018) .

Using STATEFUL DHCP with DHCP renovations to service DNS..... 

 -------> Configuration / Objects / DHCP6 / Lease / Add / Add Corresponding / Lease Type / Prefix Delegation / DUID .

In the example below the dhcp6.client-id is  an expanded string of 

Refer Ubuntu18 Desktop example....:

default-duid "\000\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\231&";
lease6 {
  interface "enp3s0f0";
  ia-na a3:07:09:41 {
    starts 1533638143;
    renew 4294967295;
    rebind 4294967295;
    iaaddr 2001:xxx:xxx:xxxx::99:8 {
      starts 1533638143;
      preferred-life 4294967295;
      max-life 4294967295;
  option dhcp6.client-id 0:ee:39:51:46:22:74:1:21:19:f1:ad:ac:f2:ac:d:2:26;
  option dhcp6.server-id 0:4:0:6:70:99:96:21:7ee:ac;
lease6 {…..

There is a limit of 41 characters in the above field.

Yes can workaround this , however this limitation is possible coding laziness at the s/w end in 台湾   :3  
Any Clues?

posted to USG Security forum this time.

Hong Kong

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