Site to Site USG110-USG700 Flex

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Hi am am hoping to get some help with this setup, hope this is the correct place to ask questions, cant see anything wrong with the setup, ips checked preshared key checked devices rebooted etc, thanks in advance

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    Hello @GBan,
    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    "Peer not reachable" usually means the peer side didn't respond to IKE message or even does not reach the destination of the peer side.
    "No Proposal Chosen" usually means the choice of encryption/algorithms is different for both peers. These settings need to be the same for both peers else a tunnel cannot be negotiated.

    There are things I would like to clarify
    1. Is the peer device also a Zyxel product?
    2. Please confirm the peer device could receive the VPN negotiation message from your device.


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