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    I have a similar problem, I used the Zyxel mobile app to register the NR5101 model. However, when accessing the MyZYXEL portal on a desktop I can see the device (NR5101) is not registered? Questioning if the mobile app(s) is synchronising in real-time?  I can also see from the Device Management UI interface that a firmware update is required despite this was updated from the mobile app, the mobile app confirms Firmware V1.15 (ACC G.1) C0 is installed and that the configuration is up-to-date.  Of critical nature; I have downloaded the Zyxel Air app on iPhone, but I cannot login to the Zyxel Air app, none of your OR does on the NR-unit works, when trying to scan the QR codes, I get the message ' this model is not supported for QR scanning', making it impossible to use Zyxel Air app, manual setup of the Zyxel Air is not working either. Generally, a very disappointing first experience with ZYXEL tecnology. 
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    Hello @Karma13,

    We have confirmed that the NR5101 is registered to your email account, please check the myZyxel again to verify.
    If the device is registered to Nebula, the access password for the Nebula-registered would follow the site-wide password setting in Nebula.

    To find the password for the NR5101, please

    Go Nebula >> Site-wide >> General settings >> you'll see "Device configuration" section.

    You should be able to find the password for the Nebula-registered deivce (NR5101 in your case).

    Once you have the password, connect to the SSID distributed by the NR5101, run the Zyxel Air APP, and select the "Auto" mode.
    Use the username "admin" and the password you found in the "Device configuration" section to login into the NR5101.

    Thank you.
  • Karma13
    Thank you, the Air APP is working now 👍 for the records, the QR codes on the back of the NR5101 Router is not pushing the login when used, manual login (admin/password) is only option working, but at least I was able to login....  After launching the Air APP, I noticed the speed test function in the App is not supported the NR5101, which was disappointing. Would you know which models are supported by ZyXel Air App?  Also, ref to the Air APP -  under the devices menu (wifi), I have 2x 'unknown' devices listed. One wifi device I can block the other I can't. Why is that, thought is was possible to block/unblock any wifi device to the network.

    I have also updated the firmware for the Router - all looks good on the Nebula domain, but when checking up on the MyZyxel domain (Device Management>Devices) I can see the NR5101 is inactive and needs a firmware update, which I believe is incorrect. Does the Nebula domain/app not synchronize with GUI on MyZyxel domain?  Did try to register the NR5105 on the MyZyXel domain but the port.myZyXel cannot find the device.  Bug issues?

    Appreciate your feedback.