USG FLEX 50 D DHCP Table error without Host Names for static IP.

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We have installed and used the USG FLEX 50 for testing and it has worked very well. After the software was upgraded to V3.32(ABAQ.0), it was no longer possible to see the network servers (ASUSTOR NAT) connected to the local network with fixed IP addresses and names. Neither Windows 7 nor Windows 10 computers showed any servers listed with "Network". USG FLEX 50 had "IP/MAC Binding" with correct settings" and thus had contact with the network servers but "DHCP Table" only "Host Name" = "none" which was expected to be "SERV1", "SERV2", or "SERV3". When I search for "ZYXEL" it says that the software has been changed in this regard and I don't know what to do.Is there anyone I can contact?


  • Anders43

    Inringade med röd markering ses felen:

    SERV1   statisk IP: => fel => namn "AS-606T-EF78" (korrekt SERV1)

    SERV2   statisk IP: => fel => namn "AS-606T-F556"(korrekt SERV2)

    SERV3   statisk IP: => korrekt med IP/MAC bindning => namn "none"

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    USG FLEX 50 D DHCP-tabellfel utan värdnamn för statisk IP. Finns det någon jag kan kontakta (Telefon eller E-post)?

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