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Hi there,
There is a general disadvantage in switches web interface, which can be improved very easily - too short column widths in Port Status table. Change the width of "Name" column from "50" to ... at least "200"! Most of people now do have wide screens on their computers/laptops/etc, so it is more comfortable to have a wider table on screen rather than a narrow one. When a name in the table is 'too long' (more than 6-8 characters!), the whole line becomes higher. So, while I have half of screen is blank, but I do need to scroll the screen up and down to see through all the table.

Such trouble covers all Zyxel switches I have to worked with: ES-2024A, MES-3528, XGS-4728F, ES-2108G and so on.
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Currently, maximum characters that can be shown on the port Name is 8.


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    Hello @murawey

    Thanks for your idea sharing! 
    Due to the most of models you have are end of support now, I think it is not possible to do the modification. 
    Nevertheless, I believe your idea can help to make ZYXEL product better and better. 
    I did a test and find that the current maximum characters that can be shown on the port Name is 8. 
    I am curious about how many characters will be enough for your in your application. 
    I will base your application and have a discussion with the internal. 

    Thanks for your sharing!