‎NWA220AX-6E vs ‎NWA210AX missing features

I'm assessing purchasing a couple of new access points under nebula management, checking on the device feature table, the newer nwa220ax is missing several items (like Traffic Shaping, Application Visibility & Optimization or Threat protection) that the older nwa210ax has. Is it due to new platform, missing all the items in firmware or is it a hardware limitation that will never change?


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    NWA220AX-6E is the AP which supported WiFi 6E standard. WiFi 6E opens a fast lane for higher-speed, lower-latency wireless performance. However, the higher transmission speed requires higher CPU usage. Under careful consideration and review of data, we made a decision that the support for CNP+ security service, VLAN based traffic shaping, and remote AP (RAP) capabilities is not included in the current generation of Zyxel’s WiFi 6E access points in order to fully realize the WiFi 6E performance, providing our customers the maximized speeds without compromise.   


    If you would like to have the above-mentioned capabilities for your network, please consider a selection of our WiFi 6 models that come with these capabilities.