Can I get some advise on best setup/configuration?
We are using 2 x 55axe as bridges to transfer data from a ground based rov to a laptop 
We stream video at 5fps and some measurement data from a gamma spec detector which transmits at about 10kbs.
The data goes through a usb to ethernet converter and we are losing about 1 in every 60 packets.
We've not used zyxel before and there's a tonne of configuration options we are not familiar with. We would just like someone to tell us how to optimize the configuration to stop losing packets. We have them set to static IP and 2.4g. we need them to transfer video at 5ffs 1280x 720. Laser ranger finder 1kbs per second, spectrum data 10kbs through a usb to ethernet converter.
Thank you

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    Hi there,  


    From your description, I assumed your typology as below.  

    Have you tried to connect the laptop to the Wifi and then check whether it stops losing packets? We would like to identify if the packets lose is related to the AP or the USB to Ethernet converter.

    We also suggest optimizing the Mesh configuration as: 

    1. Fine-tune the deployment of root and repeater location. APs must be deployed in the signal covered area (recommended –70dBm or above) while uplink AP is within line-of-sight of repeater. 

    2. Adjust the channel width to 20MHz for each radio to reduce co-channel interference. 

    3. Enable DCS and disable Avoid 5G DFS channel to let the AP have more options and prevent channel interference. 


    In case the issue still happens, please: 

    1. Tell us how did you calculate/ estimate to know you are losing about 1 in every 60 packets. 

    2. Tell more detail about your typology (include what and where are the ground based rov/ the gamma spec detector connected) and your application scenario. 

    3. If the APs are on Nebula, please provide the organization name and site name and enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to the left sidebar > Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes for us to check.