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Hello, Since this morning we have been receiving a bunch of Secu reporter alerts as below

I checked my account and the notifications are disabled.

Do you have an explanation?

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  • Vagabound
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    This seems to be something similar to what I have, see here:

    What Zyxel model do you have?

  • Zyxel_James
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    Hello @PI71850,
    The alert means that the device detects malicious activities which meet the threshold.

    Do you mean that why you still receive alerts even though you disable the notification?
    May I know if your device is in standalone mode or Nebula mode?
    In standalone mode, please check the notification settings at SecuReporter > History > Alert > Alert Settings.
    In Nebula mode, please check Nebula CC > Site-wide > Configure > Alert settings.

    For further checking, you can provide your SecuReporter org/site via private message, and add the member "", I will check on this for you.


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