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I bought an NWA50AX AP an when I start it up an login to the web interface I only get the option to chance IP address and see some logs. No changing password and numerous other options to choose from as I'd expect it from an AP setup. There also never was a wizard or anything. I don't want to use Nebula just the web interface especially I'd like to upload custom firmware via the web interface. 

On page 46 of the manual you can see stuff on the dashboard. At my device there's nothing. Not even the device info.

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    As usual, NWA50AX’s initial setup should be begin from a wizard as it shows at User’s Guide pg52. However, if you have registered it with Nebula, the AP will follow the configuration that you set on Nebula, that is why the configuration on AP’s local GUI will become less. 


    From your description, we assume that you have registered your AP on Nebula, to switch your AP to standalone mode, please remove it from your Nebula org. You may unregister your Nebula device at Nebula CC >> Organization-wide >> License & inventory >> Device. Then, it will perform a reset on your AP to complete the unregistration process. 

    P.S. If there is any reason that AP doesn’t reset after you remove it from Nebula org, no Internet connection on AP for example, you may press the reset button on AP for about 10 seconds. 


    In standalone mode, the firmware upgrade can be performed by accessing the local GUI >> File Manager >> Firmware Package. From there, you may upload a .bin file to upgrade your device. The firmware for the NWA50AX can be found on the Zyxel Library