Flex 100W combined with WAX610D

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I have a Flex 100W. I need to add a WAX610D to the wireless mesh. How do I do that?

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    Hi @Avi_Z,


    In case you just have FLEX100W and one WAX610D, you can’t configure the wireless mesh. The condition needs to be fulfilled for building up wireless Mesh is having two APs at least in the network.

    In case, you need to configure a scenario with “roaming” function, you can do it with FLEX100W and one WAX610D by:

    Keep 15% to 20% overlapping coverage for FLEX100W and WAX610D

    Same SSID name and Security settings

    Roaming happens when client moves away from FLEX100W or WAX610D that it connect originally, and connects to another with a stronger signal.


    You also can share more detail about your scenario and requirements, so we can provide you the configuration steps.