need help in setting up public network on Zywall 110

Hi there,

i have a single internet connection coming into my zywall 110, this is routed to our internal private LAN.

I would like to setup a guest or public LAN that we can have guests, and dev equipment on, that has access to the internet only, and can't interact with the private LAN in any way.

last time i tried to set this up, our self hosted phone system got hacked, so i clearly need some help.

thanks, J

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    You likely had before LAN1 and LAN2 with Policy Control rules all from LAN to ANY you want to change this from LAN1 to WAN with LAN2 your guest from LAN2 to WAN.

    also check port role is setup for P4 LAN1 and P5 LAN2

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    Hi @jmorrish
    Greeting Forum.
    Assuming LAN2 for GUEST. You can assign LAN2 to non-used ports by "Port Role" settings then you must have the security policy to restrict guest to private.

    (Please note it have higher priority order then LAN2 outgoing rule)
    Thank you

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