Zyxel SecuReporter Public Beta Program Q&A

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l   What is the Zyxel SecuReporter Public Beta Program for?

The Zyxel SecuReporter Public Beta Program lets users try out pre-release service. The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us identify issues, fix them, and make Zyxel security service even better.


l   How will  I receive the public betalicense?

Zyxel will add you in SecuReporter public beta forum and notify you by mail, and Zyxel will send you SecuReproter public beta free license key


l   What’s the duration for public beta?

2018/8/20 to 2018/10/14.


l   What kind of compensation do I receive for joining the testing?

You can continue to enjoy the 1-year free SecuReporter license after public beta program ends


l    Do I have to redirect my device from the official Myzyxel.com to its beta site?

No, There’s no need to change any UTM configuration on the users’ side. Please simply activate SecuReporter with public beta license key at the official Myzyxel.com .


l   How do I provide my beta testing feedback to Zyxel?

You can report your feedback on the beta forum:https://businessforum.zyxel.com/categories/secureporter-beta-program


l   Who can participate this beta program?

The Zyxel SecuReporter Public Beta Program is open to anyone with ATP or USG devices that are bundled with UTM services, and the UTM licenses are activated.


l   What models are supported?

USG40, USG40W, USG60, USG 60W, USG110, USG210, USG310, USG1100, USG1900, and USG2200. Those devices must have bundled UTM license(s) which won’t be expired before 15th Oct 2018. Firmware must be ZLD4.32.


l   Do I have to pay any fee to join the program?

No, public beta program is free of charge.


l   Once a user gets the 1 year free license of SecuReporter, by when must he activate this license on Myzyxel.com? What is the deadline for the license activation?

Public beta license must be activated before 2018/9/30.


l   How does the Zyxel SecuReporter Public Beta Program contact me?

The Zyxel SecuReporter Beta Software Program uses the contact information associated with yourID on Myzyxel.com. (https://portal.myzyxel.com/users/sign_in).


l   Can I transfer my public beta license from device A to device B?

No, license transfer and product transfer are prohibited, except for R.M.A cases.

If you have to go for R.M.A procedure so that licensetransfer from device A to device B has to take place, please contact us at secubeta@zyxel.com.tw. Please be informed if you fail to follow this procedure for R.M.A cases, all logs/analysis of device A may be at risk of disclosure unintended by you or permanent deletion.


l   Will the log data be kept  on SecuReporter after the end of public beta? If not, can I back it up?

Log still will be kept on SecuReporter after the end of public beta. You can continue to enjoy 1-year free license without any problem after the public beta program ends.


l   Following the above question, if the storage of logs can be continued after the end of the public beta program, do I need   to migrate the data to the official site?

No, all logs are kept on SecuReporter official site by default.


l   If I join the public beta, will I get discount of official license in the future