x2 usg100 vpn site-to-site question

Hi all I have read this guide for site to site VPN


What  I want to do is connect x3 sites (one central and x2 branches) together but my question is will each site use the gateway/dns of the central site to reach the internet ?

Each site has its own gateway and dns server i want each site to use its own and not use the dns/gateway of the central office to resolve websites/connections do i need to do additional configuration for this ?


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    If you don't set the DNS server point to the DNS server in central site.
    Then each branch site will use its own local DNS server.

    And that guide didn't include the steps about this part.
    So don't worry if you follow the guide to setup.

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    Hi @asiawatcher

    Welcome to the Zyxel community. You could refer to this tutorial as well: How to Set Up Hub-and-Spoke IPSec VPN, thanks.

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