USG FLEX 200 - Green activity light on the ports

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This is very minor and something I can live with but I just find it odd.  I just installed a brand new USG Flex 200 and everything is working perfectly.  All ports are connected and auto-negotiated to 1 GB/full.  However, I noticed that the only light on the port that lights up is the orange connection light.  The green activity light is dark.  Also, the orange is blinking as the green would normally.  
I know there are green activity lights because when I power up the device they all light up briefly.  I've checked everything I can but have found nothing to modify the port lights.
I just wonder if this indicates something like something is not enabled on the port or something is not configured properly.

As I said, is this is a new "feature" and is working as intended I can live with it but honestly this is the first network device I've seen do this so I'm just curious.
Thank you!

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