GS1920-24HP POE extend mode?

Good morning, 
I'm new to these switches, and have a couple questions for my issues.

1st one is I'm trying to locate the extend mode on the poe port. The GS1320 switch is easy to locate but this GS1920-HP is a different 

2nd is I'm using Cat6 splitters to run IP cameras. Foe some reason its not playing nice with them. I have used these splitters many times before to run 2 IP cams off of one line with other switches and it works fine. Is there a setting that I'm not seeing to make it work properly?

Thanks for your help in advance 

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    Hi Mountain_Man, 


    1st, GS1350 series is born for Surveillance (IP camera), so it has extended range ports, which GS1920 series doesn’t support. You may refer to datasheet’s Port Density to know more about that. 


    2nd, Could you share with us more details about the symptom you encounter such as the unclear screen, unsmooth screen, no audio, etc? Which model of IP camera have you met the issue? You are using it with PoE power or have additional power adapter on IP camera? 

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