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Hi all, I would like to know how to resolve the resolution of a domain name that must point to an internal ip. I configured in the dns but as a result it points to the firewall ip. Do I have to create some specific rule? can you help me please? Thank you so much

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    Thank you so much. ZyWall is set in dhcp dns how should i replace it? is that what causes me the problem?

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    I suppose that your client's DNS is assigned by DHCP. Try to change DNS settings in DHCP server. ( interface -> DHCP)
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    Hi @Frapla,

    You can switch from "ZyWALL" to "Custom Defined" to change DHCP client's DNS server. 
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    You want to use Zywall so this happens.

    Maybe your using a VPN or browser with DNS over HTTPS?

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