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I am running several GS2200-8 switches with firmware:
VGS2200-8_4.00(AAAV.2) | 11/05/2013

I have run into some issues, and wanted to check for newer firmware, having to find that the support downloads page will not show downloads for this switch model any more, and is also missing.

My research on this topic led me here, it seems like requesting firmware via community post that was once available on FTP sometimes made the firmware appear here as attachment.

According to the latest release note copies on the web, there should be a firmware release from Sep. 1, 2015:
VGS2200-8_4.00(AAAV.4) | 08/31/2015

Zyxel, could you please make this firmware file available here?


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    Dear Ivan,

    Thank you very much.
    The firmware update installed smoothly on the switches.
    Hopefully this will solve the strange long-term stability issue I have observed.

    These switches were reliable workhorses for the last couple of years, they are offering many features I miss on similar devices - many of them are reserved for premium price models nowadays.
    I "grew up" in networking with these guys, and I still love them really much.

    Best Regards,