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What are the main differences between the 210ax, the 510ap and the 610ap. I will likely only need one AP for our house but I would need the ability to have separate VLANS and my current netgear doesn't have that option. I am running a Sophos firewall if that helps. Right now I have 1GB ethernet but that might change. Our house is 1700 Sq ft 3 story stick frame so not hard on wifi since central placement is easy. The top 2 floors are the main use areas

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    Dear @Springbd ,


    The 210ax and 610d have the highest volume at 2975 Mbps, while the 510d is 1775 Mbps. 

    The 610 also has the best antenna design for providing a stable signal for both 5G and 2.4G. 

    These APs support configuring VLAN ID settings for SSIDs, however, it is important to note that corresponding VLAN settings must also be configured on your Firewall/Gateway and Switch for it to work properly.



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