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i have a ATP 200 with 3 DMZ Networks. There is a new application in network an the technican said we have bad network performance.

A ping with 32 bytes takes 1 ms. But if i make a ping with 65000 Bytes, the response time goes up to 6-8 ms.

You can say everything passing through the ATP ist slowing down the response time.
Do i ping the Zywall interace itself in the same network i have 1 ms. Do i ping a server or another interface auf the atp in another zone the response time is very bad.

Does anyone have a solution for this or has the problem also ever had.

All security and filtering functions are turned off. The CPU is under 10% load but with that bad response times.

Thank you 

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    Well, it is difficult to point to any specific reason why your network has low performance. I do not think that the ATP200 is the reason, but maybe the configuration could be one of the reasons. I would also like to point out that it would be necessary to have some form of schematic overview of your networks (generalized diagrams of connection patterns) to find out if there are any obvious reasons for the low performance. There are also some questions I would like to ask to highlight what knowledge it takes to troubleshoot your network issue:

    • Are all your connections 1 Gbps speed (or better), or do you have any connections using 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps?
    • Are you using a router as a connection point where you could have used a switch?
    • Do you have any LAN filtering or LAN traffic limiting rules in your firewall configurations?
    • Is your DMZ configuration the limiting factor, making it necessary to inspect every packet sent on your local network between your computers?

    Maybe there are other users of the same product as yours who knows something useful to your case, but otherwise I think you should definitely ask for local expert help to check your setup and evaluate your network solutions.

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