Zyxel Brings Sky-high Speeds and Security to Under-construction Airport in Vietnam

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Airports Corporation of Vietnam

“This complete solution from Zyxel has given us exactly the robust and secure network system we needed. Their Nebula Control Center, in particular, has a very user-friendly interface. It really helps me as an administrator to be able to manage a complicated network system easily – and remotely.”

Mr Trần Lộc Xuân,
IT Manager Airports Corporation of Vietnam JSC
Airports Corporation of Vietnam knew its previous approach of mixing devices from various manufacturers wouldn’t deliver the necessary management efficiency to the Long Thanh International Airport. It needed an all-in-one solution and, after consulting system integrator Tech Horizon, it opted for Zyxel’s Nebula solution. WiFi 6 APs were deployed for high-speed connectivity, with XGS1930-28HP switches used to power the APs and CCTV system. For extra stability in the VIP room, Zyxel’s WAX650S was used; its smart antenna continually monitors and adapts every connection to maintain optimal performance at all times. As a government company, ensuring data security was a strict requirement. The ATP800 firewall and XS3800-28 switches were deployed to create a powerful VLAN network topology, with cloud intelligence defending against even unknown threats. The Nebula Cloud Center provides an all-in-one management platform, enabling admin to monitor and debug every network device anytime, anywhere through its browser-based interface. And for the company, which in the future will transfer network control to another IT department, the cherry on top of Nebula is its detailed logs and support for multiple levels of management. With the Nebula Professional Pack, the customer also gained access to 365-day logs and sitewide topology, ticking every box it had at the start of the project.

  • Deploy a new wireless network that offers flexible management with an extensive log for easy transfer to another IT department 
  • Provide robust cybersecurity protection for the critical infrastructure 
  • Ensure reliable wireless connectivity for hundreds of simultaneous connections

  • Stable and high-speed connectivity 24/7 enabled by WiFi 6 APs and switches 
  • Flexible and scalable cloud networking management 
  • Easy-to-use interface with a 365-day log and site-wide topology for remote monitoring and troubleshooting anytime, anywhere 
  • High-level security powered by cloud intelligence levels up network protection and effectively tackles unknown threats

Products used
ATP800 ATP Firewall
XGS1930-28HP/52 Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switch
XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch 
WAX650S WiFi 6 Access Point 
WAX610D WiFi 6 Access Point 

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