How do I allow broadcast packets over vpn?

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We have 2 sites connected by vpn, with an Allworx pbx at the main location. Paging works by broadcast packets, but they do not broadcast over the vpn. The phones are connected through the vpn. The location with PBX has a zywall 110 and the new location has the new VPN 100 series. How do I setup routers so they can page phones across the VPN?

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    Update. The allworx uses multicast, not broadcast for paging.
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    Hi @ozarktech

    The VTI interface is able to forward multicast traffic in VPN tunnel. (VIT interface must use site to site VPN)

    (1)   In VPN connection, must select “VPN Tunnel Interface”

    (2)   Go to Configuration > Network > Interface > VTI > Click add VTI interface.

    It has support for IGMP(multicast) function.

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