Zyxel DX3301 and NWA50AX Mesh

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I have a question. I have a Zyxel DX3301 router that connects to the internet and two Zyxel NWA50AX. I would like to configure the NWA50AX together with the router as a mesh. I have a LAN cable for each NWA50AX.

Can you please tell me how this works, would not like to use it with the repeater function.

Thanks very much.

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    Hi @toma84543,

    From your description, we assume that you need to configure a scenario with “roaming” function, so you can do it by:

    -       Keep 15% to 20% overlapping coverage for DX3301 and NWA50AX

    -       Same SSID name and Security settings

    Roaming happens when client moves away from DX3301 or NWA50AX that it connect originally and connects to another with a stronger signal.

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