Nebula Makes Complex Deployment in 50,000-square-meter Italian Warehouse a Breeze

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“Zyxel’s equipment has delivered seamless WiFi coverage across 40,000 square meters of shelves and 10,000 square meters of open warehouse for the new headquarters in Mesero. And critical, it also ensures comprehensive network management via the cloud for the customer’s IT team, wherever they are.”

Roberto Asinelli
Representative, So.Roasi


Boasting one of Italy’s leading distribution networks, Sogedim was used to fulfillment requests. But, with a disjointed network offering wireless coverage to only limited parts of its sprawling new logistics center, Sogedim turned to system integrator So.Roasi with a fulfillment request of its own. The company wanted to consolidate and expand its network to incorporate the center’s offices plus every square foot of its massive warehouse. That meant providing reliable, high-performance WiFi across 40,000 square meters of warehouse shelving and 10,000 square meters of open warehouse. Leveraging its expertise in complex, large-scale deployments, So.Roasi knew Zyxel’s equipment would be up to the challenge. The existing infrastructure was first expanded to ensure reliable coverage throughout the center, with the deployment of 90 WAX510D access points, featuring dual-optimized antennas. Next, two ATP500 ATP firewalls were used to enable VPN connections with other offices and the internet. Finally, 10 XGS1930-24HP smart-managed PoE switches were used to connect network cabinets across the site. With the new network humming along, Sogedim says the difference is night-and-day, citing unprecedented efficiency and staff’s ability to manage the network comprehensively anytime, anywhere.


  • Consolidate the existing infrastructure and connect offices throughout the warehouse, including linking one main network cabinet and eight peripheral network cabinets via fiber optics
  • Ensure full wireless coverage of 40,000 square meter of warehouse shelving and 10,000 square meter of open warehouse
  • Create highly secure internet connections among offices


  • Seamless and stable wireless network across all office and warehouse areas
  • Comprehensive UTM firewall ensures secure internet connections
  • Unify complex network infrastructure with easy-to-use cloud network management

Products used

ATP500 ATP Firewall

WAX510D WiFi 6 Access Point

XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

XGS1930-28HP/52HP Lite-L3 Smart Managed PoE Switch

More details

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