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I have one NWA-5121-NI which is configured as standalone AP. I want to change that to managed mode, but problem is that i can't get any IP for this AP. My NXC2500 can't find this device and i have tried to scan my network, but find only two other NWA5121-NI managed AP.

This AP is fully connected, but it is also with open wifi, so when i connect it to my network, i can use it, but without any encryption.

This is quite old, and i think that it is still with original firmware what was in it when i got it about 10 years ago. Reset does not seem to help with this. Is there any way to connect this device?

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    Hi there,

    Related to one NWA-5121-NI can't get any IP, please:

    • Check the cable
    • Check if the switch port that problematic AP and gateway are connected to has configured the corresponding WLAN settings and check if the gateway has configured the corresponding vlan interface.
    • In case there is no WLAN setting, check if the DHCP server is active and IP address pool is not overloaded.

    The latest firmware for NWA-5121-NI can be download at this link which you can find it here

    In case you’d like to make the network more safe, you can change the Security mode by going to Configuration > Object > AP Profile > SSID > Security List > choose the profile > click Edit

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